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Zhangjiagang Hengfeng Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. The company is located in the Zhangjiagang City Economic Development Zone. Transportation by sea and by land is very convenient. The company owns ring spinning,Website:http://www.modacrylic-xf.com, compact spinning, and siro spinning equipment and installs slub yarn and section color yarn devices. The company has introduced Murata MVS vortex spinning machines in recent years. The company's main production and operation of two major categories of products: 1. Flame-retardant and high-temperature, high-strength aramid blended yarn. Flame-retardant yarns and flame-retardant core yarns, The main products are flame retardant acrylic yarns, Flame-retardant fiber and glass fiber core yarn. 2. Semi-worsted yarns, Can produce a variety of specifications and requirements of semi-worsted and decorative yarn.
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Modacrylic, Glass fiber, Fire Retardant Socks, Flame-retardant fabric, flame retardant acrylic fiber, Modacrylic Cotton Blended Yarn
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No. 18, Zhenxing Road, Economic Development Zone, Yangshe Town, Zhangjiagang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Suzhou, 215600



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Zhangjiagang Hengfeng Textile Co., Ltd
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